Popular Vintage Fashion Styles

Vintage Fashion

As people often say, “everything that’s old will be new again”. If you have old hand-me down clothing or accessories still lingering from decades past, take a good look before tossing them into the donation pile! Some of it just might have come back into style.

Vintage FashionDespite all of the rapid growth in technology, it seems our culture is equally obsessed with nostalgia. Even looks belonging to eras that are just far gone enough to seem irrelevant such as the 1980s and 1990s are creeping their way back into favor. If you want to look your very best while remaining just a bit outside the norm next time you go out, consider pulling from these examples of popular vintage fashion:

1 – Oversized Sunglasses

Large framed sunglasses such as aviators are definitely back in style these days. Even square frames have become acceptable again as of late. The aerodynamic, rounded edges from the late 1990s and early 2000s aren’t going to do much for you anymore.

If you want to turn even more heads while rocking your huge sunglasses, you might want to seek out colorful flames and reflective lenses. Many of the big-name glasses brands are catering to these styles again. You can also find plenty of steals on online auction sites.

2 – Retro Logos

While it’s always considered a bit “basic” to sport logos for sports teams or corporate brands on your t-shirts, jackets, or hats, you can easily turn that around into some serious vintage appeal by finding anything with designs from decades long past. If you happen to love a particular brand or company enough to display it across your chest, you’re best served by going with the original version. Faded colors only serve to sell the look even more, so you should feel confident even if you find something that seems especially well-worn.

3 – Button-Down Shirts

While wearing button-down shirts would have left you labeled a “nerd” just a decade or two ago, they’ve finally come back into favor. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even throw on a solid colored tie; just make sure it’s the real thing rather than a clip-on! Even a pocketed button-down shirt will work. Of course, the higher quality the material, the better the shirt will fit, so keep that in mind before merely grabbing the cheapest option you can find.Vintage Fashion

As a rule, it seems popular vintage fashion is never any newer than 20 or 30 years old at a given time. In some cases, you might even look sharp when pulling from clothing that hails from even further back. As long as you’re able to coordinate your colors a bit and pick clothes that fit well however, you’ll always be dressed well enough to impress. Also remember that there’s nothing quite like mandating your own personal look and style! As such, you should feel free to adorn yourself with any piece of clothing that happens to catch your eye.