Men’s Fashion Necessities For Winter

Men's Fashion

Men’s Fashion Necessities

When the colder months of the year hit, most people tend to favor bundling up for warmth over all else. It makes sense of course, but the resulting attire is often a hodgepodge of mismatched colors and ill fitting over-clothes that do everything but flatter. Staying warm doesn’t mean you have to throw all sense of style out the window, even if you’re a guy.

men's fashionIt may seem a bit hard to stretch outside the box of a hooded sweater and beanie cap however. In most retail stores, that’s pretty much all you’ll find available in the men’s department. If you look around a bit more however, you can find far more attractive options to help you appear your best while keeping toasty. With that in mind, here are some of the essentials of men’s winter fashion:

1 – A Scarf

Yes, even the most manly of men can pull off a nice scarf. Besides, it’ll easily keep your face and neck warm whenever you have to make a trek outdoors. If you have a choice, go for double wool material for the best combination of warmth and appealing aesthetics. Single colors tend to match best with the widest variety of clothing, but simple patterns such as stripes are a great way to introduce a bit more excitement to your overall look without appearing tacky.

2 – An Overcoat

Rather than rely solely on hoodies or sweatshirts, you’ll easily look your best if you opt for a classy overcoat. This is ideal for any climate that stays above subzero temperatures. You’ll stay just toasty enough to keep from freezing while still maintaining a sharp silhouette. Cashmere and wool are among the best material options. Darker colors are best, but dipping into the spectrum of light browns, greys, or tans might also work depending on the rest of your outfit.

3 – Gloves

Finally, every guy needs a nice pair of gloves to throw on during the winter months. There might be nothing worse than cold hands, and reliable gloves will always help you look stylish. There are far more options out there than the unevenly knit five-dollar fare you find lining the end-caps of department stores. Once you’ve finally worn a pair of truly well made gloves, they’re sure to be one of your go-to winter accessories from then on. Worthwhile materials include everything from cashmere to leather. Make sure your color of choice is muted and natural; bright colors are best worked in elsewhere.Men's Fashion

Ultimately, you can find a lot of gorgeous mens winter fashion options if you’re willing to spend just a bit more money. Escaping the restrictions of whatever the big-box retailers have in stock year to year is all it takes. The needs of winter attire may traditionally be function over form, but just think of much nicer you’ll look when compared to everyone else still stuck in that rut! With a nice overcoat, scarf, and gloves at your disposal, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.